We specialize in modeling subjects from the "Golden Age of Aviation", a period long neglected by mainstream kit manufacturers. This period comprises the years between 1919 and 1939.

What People Are Saying About Orion Miniatures . . .

"The most accurate rendition... superbly done." - Modeling Madness

"(Decals) replace anything in 1/72nd scale for German bombers... that has come before" - WWI-N-Plastic

"Definitely recommended." -  Cybermodeler

"These Sheets are accurate and highly recommended!" - Hyperscale

New Releases:


Now Modelers can add a Series of Gotha Bombers and other World War I Night Duty Aircraft to their collection with these new sheets of 5 Colour Printed Night Lozenge Fabric!


Our first products are a series of decal sheets for Staaken Bombers from late 1916 onwards. A number of aircraft were converted from military configuration after the war to civilian passenger liners, hence the inclusion here in The Golden Age of Aviation 1919-1939.

Staakens were finished in a number of lozenge patterns, 4 Color, 5 Color, Naval Hex and Night Pattern.

Our Special Decal Sheet Set and color chart depicting World War I Staaken Lozenge Camouflage is now available.

This set is designed for Albatros built land based aircraft, which carried a 5 Color Night Pattern. The 4 Colour Night scheme will also be produced in sequence.

Here are a few shots of appropriate Staaken aircraft for which these sheets are designed.

The sheets are based on Methuen Color Standards and are flawlessly printed by Microscale USA.

In many historical expert's  opinions, these are the most accurate decal representation of WWI aircraft lozenge ever produced.


Our first Gotha sheets in a repeating pattern have arrived in September. These sheets are designed for the Gotha G. Va and G. Vb Roden kits and of course, the  Rareplanes vacuform.


We are reproducing both the 5 Colour Night repeating and non-repeating patterns seen on these aircraft. As shown in these shots, you'll notice the distinct variations in the fuselage and repeating scheme on the flying surfaces.

*All photographs courtesy of Albatros Publications Ltd. Gotha!

The 5 Colour Night Lozenge was also seen on the Aviatik built Staaken Shown here.

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